Rules Governing Overweight and Overdimension Vehicle Permits

03 April 2018

DMV seeking public comment on proposed changes to Rules Governing Overweight and Overdimension Vehicle Permits

23 V.S.A. §1400 and §1402 empower the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to issue overweight or over dimension permits for the operation or movement of a vehicle over state highways and certain town highways in excess of the legal limit. The Commissioner may make regulations subject to which the vehicle must be operated. The approval may be given for a limited or unlimited length of time and may be withdrawn for cause. In addition, the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles may deny permits for just cause including, but not limited to, providing false information on applications, continued violation of the rules governing overweight/over dimension operation and/or repeated violation of similar offenses.

The policy of the Department is to give consideration to the safety and convenience of the general public and the protection of the highway systems of this state. The legislature, in setting forth certain statutory limitations, intended to protect the public from hazard and unnecessary inconvenience and to preserve the highways.


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