Inspection Sticker Placement

01 July 2016

Per current requirements of the Vermont Periodic Inspection Manual, all periodic inspection stickers shall be placed on the inside top center of the windshield. If the windshield is tinted, the sticker shall be centered on the windshield, just below the tint edge. On divided windshields, the inspection sticker shall be placed at the top of the windshield, just to the right of the divider strip. If the rear-view mirror contains a camera or sensor, the sticker shall be affixed to the right of the device. 

Several vehicles currently available in the U.S. Domestic Market are now equipped with multiple proximity sensors and cameras designed to accomplish a host of tasks, such as autonomous emergency braking, lane departure recovery, parking, etc. The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles has determined in vehicles with multiple forward facing proximity sensors and cameras affixed behind the windshield, the inspection sticker shall be attached to the top of the windshield, below the tint edge and to the right of the furthermost right-side device (as viewed from the interior), as to not interfere with proper system operation as determined by the manufacturer.

Bulletin 16-02 PDF

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