Blanket Permit - Dealers in Farm Equipment

Annual Permit, Expires with Registration

The Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, or his/her representative, upon application, may issue annually to dealers in farm tractors or other farm implements, over width permits to transport or draw upon a highway such farm implements as are incidental to the conduct of such business.

ANNUAL FEES: $112.00 for the first unit, $6.00 for each additional unit up to $1,000.00.

EXPIRATION: Farm Dealer Permits expire with the vehicles registration.

REGISTRATION: When operation occurs using “Farm Dealer” plates permits are only valid for uses permitted under 23 VSA §454, Dealer’s use of motor vehicles.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Operation will be during the time from sunrise to sunset. No vehicles, implements or combination thereof shall be operated on any highway on a legal holiday, except on trips not in excess of two (2) miles, nor upon any highway at any time on which operation is prohibited by order of the Commissioner or his/her representative. MAXIMUM WIDTH: Thirteen feet (13’) – Farm Equipment Dealers

ONLY FLAG REQUIREMENTS: From sunrise to sunset, at least two (2) bright or fluorescent red or orange flags not smaller than eighteen inches (18”) square must be displayed on the left front and rear of the vehicle or implement or combination during the period thereof in such a manner as to be clearly visible from the front and rear for a distance of at least five hundred feet (500'). If equipment is manufactured with lights and brakes both must be in working order, other equipment must display a safety triangle on the rear.

DEPARTMENT JURISDICTION: The permit will be effective only insofar as the Department has jurisdiction and authority and it does not release the applicant from complying with other existing laws, local ordinances or conditions which may govern the movement.

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