Reasonable Access Permits

EXPIRATION: Reasonable Access Permits expire annually on March 31st.

FEE: No fee.

PERMITS ISSUED TO MOVER: Permits will be issued only to the person or firm who will actually be doing the transporting of vehicle and load.

CARRYING PERMITS: The permit, or a legible permit facsimile, must be carried in the vehicle. The permit shall be available for inspection by any enforcement officer or representative of the Department of Motor Vehicles or Agency of Transportation empowered to issue such permit during movement authorized by the permit.

DEPARTMENT JURISDICTION: The permit will be effective only insofar as the Department has jurisdiction and authority and it does not release the applicant from complying with other existing laws, local ordinances or conditions which may govern the movement.

COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS:  The acceptance of a permit by the applicant is his/her agreement that the vehicle or object can and will be moved strictly in compliance with the terms and the conditions set forth in the permit. This includes regulations listed on or accompanying the permit, the DMV Rule and with the conditions that the operator and vehicles are properly licensed and the applicant has complied with all legal requirements imposed by the Vermont Motor Vehicle laws.

RESPONSIBILITY: The applicant shall assume all responsibility for injury to persons or damage to public or private property caused directly or indirectly by the transportation of vehicle or loads under the permit. Furthermore, the applicant agrees to hold the State of Vermont, Agency of Transportation, and the Department of Motor Vehicles harmless from all suits, claims, damages or proceedings of any kind as a direct or indirect result of the transportation of the vehicle and/or load.

VIOLATION OF PERMIT CONDITIONS:A Reasonable Access Permit, may be voided and confiscated by any law enforcement officer and is automatically invalidated for the trip by the violation of any condition specified in the terms of the permit, these rules and regulations or by false information given on the application.

Federal law requires that reasonable access be granted to vehicles with dimensions authorized by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 to operate between the National Network (which includes the Interstate System highways as well as qualifying Federal-aid Primary System highways as designated by the Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation and the Secretary of the Vermont Agency of Transportation) and terminals and facilities for food, fuel, repairs, and rest.

Federal law also requires reasonable access between the National Network and points of loading and unloading for household goods carriers, motor carriers of passengers, and commercial motor vehicle combinations consisting of a truck tractor with two trailing units that meet certain criteria.

REASONABLE ACCESS PERMITS: A reasonable access permit is a written authorization of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles when a truck tractor, semi-trailer, or trailer combination as set forth below exits the National Network in Vermont identified in 23 CFR Part 658, Appendix A, as authorized under federal reasonable access rules. Reasonable access permits are required:

  1. For truck tractor - semi-trailer - trailer combinations. Neither a trailer nor a semi-trailer in these combinations may exceed twenty-eight feet (28’).
  2. To authorize access to RT4 from the New Hampshire line to the junction of RT100 south for certain automobile transportation vehicles (stinger steer) up to seventy-five     feet (75’) in length, and for household goods haulers up to seventy-two feet (72’) in length.

The National Network in Vermont, as contained in 23 CFR Part 658, Appendix A, is as follows:

  • The entire Interstate System: I-89, I-91, I-93 and I-189
  • US 4 from the New York State Line to Rutland City’s eastern Boundary
  • US 7 from the end of the 4-lane divided highway in Wallingford to US 4 North Intersection in Rutland
  • VT 9 from I-91 intersection 3 North of Brattleboro to the New Hampshire State Line

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