Single Trip Permit

A Single Trip Permit is the written authorization granted by the Commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a non-divisible load between specified points over a predetermined route prescribed by the Commissioner or his/her authorized representative. Single Trip Permits may be issued to cover a single trip within seven (7) working days of issuance. When the trip will exceed the seven (7) working day limit, a new permit will be required.

Permits Required

Permits are required when the following dimensions or weights specified by Vermont statutes are exceeded:

  • For over eight feet, six inches (8’ 6”) width: ALL HIGHWAYS
  • For over thirteen feet, six inches (13’ 6”) height: ALL HIGHWAYS
  • For over seventy five feet (75’) in length: ALL HIGHWAYS, COMBINATION VEHICLES
  • For over forty-six feet (46’) for single vehicles: ALL HIGHWAYS, SINGLE VEHICLES

Single trip permits are issued for non-divisible loads. For this purpose “non-divisible” means any load or vehicle exceeding applicable dimension or weight limits which, if separated into smaller loads or vehicles, would:

  • Compromise the intended use of the vehicle, i.e., make it unable to perform the function for which it was intended.
  • Destroy the value of the load or vehicle, i.e., make it unusable for its intended purpose.
  • Require more than eight (8) work hours to dismantle using appropriate equipment. The applicant for a non-divisible load permit has the burden of proof as to the number of work hours required to dismantle the load.

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