Special Excess Weight Permits

DEFINITION: A Special Excess Weight Permit is the annual written authorization granted by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles for the movement of a vehicle or combination vehicle and its divisible load up to specific weight limits over state highways. These permits may be further restricted by the vehicle configuration and/or commodity being transported. EXPIRATION: Special Excess Weight Permits will expire coincidentally with the vehicle’s registration except for vehicles not registered in Vermont, in which case the permit shall expire at midnight December 31st (12/31) following the date of issue. PERMITS ISSUED TO REGISTRANT: Permits must be issued in the name of the registrant and match the registration certificate. TRANSFER OF PERMITS: Permits may only be transferred in conjunction with the transfer of the truck’s registration and plates, for an administrative fee. ONLY ONE VEHICLE ON A PERMIT: Only one vehicle or combination vehicle will be allowed on each permit. A separate permit shall be issued for each authorized weight and must be carried in the vehicle when operating at such weight. UPGRADE TO HEAVIER WEIGHTS: A truck owner with a permit may upgrade through purchase of additional permits by paying the difference in fees for each permit bought rather than the full fee for each permit. Permits of a lesser weight for the same vehicle or combination of vehicles may be purchased for an administrative fee. VEHICLES REGISTERED IN ANOTHER STATE: To qualify for a Special Excess Weight Permit a vehicle registered in another state must meet all weight and size requirements of this state and be registered or hold a permit in the other state for the permitted weight requested. In addition, overweight permits shall not be issued to vehicles registered in another state and province unless that state or province issues similar permits on a reciprocal basis to vehicles registered in Vermont.

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