On-board diagnostic systems (OBD) on 1996 and newer vehicles will be checked as part of Vermont’s annual vehicle inspection program.

OBD technology benefits motorists, technicians, and our environment. It’s good for motorists because it monitors the vehicle’s performance every time it is driven and identifies problems immediately, allowing service to be done before more serious problems develop. It’s good for technicians because it helps accurately diagnose problems, allowing for efficient and proper repairs. And it’s good for our environment and our health because it identifies problems that cause vehicle emissions to increase.

Motor vehicles are the largest source of toxic and ozone-forming air pollutants in Vermont. While modern vehicles are getting much cleaner due to newer engine management technology and emission control components, emissions stay low only when all these systems are working properly. OBD technology helps to ensure that vehicles are operating as designed, and the check ensures that the vehicle’s OBD system is doing its job.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping do your part to clean up the air. For more information about OBD or other Air Pollution issues, or to receive additional copies of this pamphlet, call the Air Pollution Control Division at (802) 241-3840

State of Vermont Agency of Natural Resources
Department of Environmental Conservation
Air Pollution Control Division
Mobile Sources Section
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671-0402

Visit the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources - Air Pollution Control website at: http://anr.vermont.gov

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