Volkswagen Diesel News 

  • The EPA issued a notice of violation (NOV) of the Clean Air Act (CAA) to Volkswagen AG, Audi AG, and Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. on September 18, 2015. The NOV alleges that four-cylinder Volkswagen and Audi diesel cars from model years 2009-2015 include software that circumvents EPA emissions standards for certain air pollutants. The software produced by Volkswagen is a “defeat device,” as defined by the Clean Air Act. California is separately issuing an In-Use Compliance letter to Volkswagen, and EPA and the California Air Resources Board have both initiated investigations based on Volkswagen’s alleged actions. Details here,
  • Vermont Attorney General opens investigation of VW. Details here,
  • Information from VW,

University of Vermont Medical Center offers program for Driver Educators, Tuesday October 20th 

Txt U L8R Program from UVM Medical Center Trauma Services

Texting while driving has quickly become one of the greatest hazards on the road. It causes 1.6 million car accidents and 330,000 injuries per year, and 11 teen deaths every single day. That’s why the UVM Medical Center and the Clinical Simulation Laboratory at the UVM College of Medicine created “TXT U L8R” a unique program designed to discourage individuals from texting while driving. Key elements include a demonstration of an advanced driving simulator, presentation of a realistic trauma scenario, a testimonial from the victim of an accident caused by a teen driver who was texting, and a demonstration of several smartphone apps designed to prevent texting while driving.

WHEN: Tuesday, October 20, 6 pm - 7:30 pm

WHERE: UVM Medical Center, UVM Medical Education Pavilion, Sullivan Classroom

To register online please visit, email, or call our new Healthsource phone line at (802)-847-7222.

Registration Plate Visibility Issues

DMV has commenced a public awareness campaign to address the issue of proper display and visibility of license plates. Partnering with DMV on this effort are inspection stations, car dealerships and law enforcement officers.

Informational Sheet | Dealer Bulletin | Inspection Station Bulletin | Press Release


Safety Message

Drive Time -- Safety Tips for VT Drivers

Move Over. It’s the Law.

Every day on our roadways, emergency responders work hard and risk life and limb to keep us safe and rescue us when we find ourselves in trouble. The least we can do is to give them a safe space as they work. Most of us have been doing that for years out of courtesy. Now it’s the law, with some minor variations, in all 50 states, but too many of us are still not aware of it. Our emergency responders work in dangerous situations all the time and drivers increase that risk when they zoom by and ignore the flashing lights. We all need to know the law and follow it, to protect those who protect us.

In Vermont, drivers are required to reduce their speed always, and on the highway, change lanes if it is safe to do so, whenever they are approaching a stationary law enforcement, fire, rescue or towing/repair vehicle with flashing lights.

So remember to move over when you can, and slow down when you can’t. It’s the law. And it’s still common courtesy.