Registration Plate Visibility Issues

  • DMV has commenced a public awareness campaign to address the issue of proper display and visibility of license plates. Partnering with DMV on this effort are inspection stations, car dealerships and law enforcement officers.

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Safety Message

Safe Summer Travel Tips

Summer is Large, Slow Vehicle Season

While farm vehicles, horse trailers, construction equipment, RVs and the like can be found using our rural, two-lane roadways at any time, there are more of these vehicles to watch out for in the summer, and driving around them calls for extra care. Whether you’re big or small, follow these tips to keep us all safer out there:

  • Vermont law allows crossing a solid yellow line for just this kind of situation, but that doesn’t mean you should. Always err on the side of caution when making a decision to pass or not.
  • Legal requirements for passing include sufficient clearly visible space to complete the pass safely without interfering with or coming within 200 feet of any approaching vehicle before returning to your own travel lane. And passing where the view is obstructed by hills or curves, and within 100 feet of railroad crossings, bridges, viaducts or tunnels is explicitly prohibited. Be sure to watch for yellow pennant no passing signs.
  • Remember that while their drivers are required to signal turns like the rest of us, not all of these vehicles have turn signal lights, and hand signals (on the left, horizontal for a left turn, upward for a right turn and downward to slow or stop) may not be visible to motorists behind them due to the vehicle’s size or configuration.
  • Slow-moving vehicles of all sizes are required to keep close to the right as best they reasonably can, and to pull over at the first safe opportunity to allow other traffic to pass. Always wait for that opportunity rather than attempt a risky pass.
  • Large, heavy vehicles (especially the ones carrying live animals who can easily be injured by sudden moves) cannot stop, start or change course quickly. Give them plenty of room.
  • And remember, if you cannot see the other driver’s face, he cannot see you.

Caution and patience will help us all get where we’re going alive and well so we can enjoy our summer.