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Previous Safety Messages

Hot Cars Kill Children – and Pets

Warmer weather means that parked cars heat up faster. Even with windows partially open or with outside temperatures as low as the 60s, it can easily reach well above 110 degrees inside before we know it. And a child’s body temperature can rise up to five times faster than that of an adult, quickly reaching the point where the child dies at 107. Keep the children in your car safe with these tips....

Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Warmer spring weather brings motorcycles out of hibernation, which makes May the perfect time for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and these safety reminders….

Sharing the Road with Vulnerable Users

Who are vulnerable users? They may be on skateboards, scooters, bicycles or on foot, in wheelchairs or working on the road. They lack the protection we have inside our cars or trucks, but deserve to be as safe as we are.....

New Rules and Reminders for Work Zone Safety

As unlikely as it may seem today, before we know it spring will be here, and road crews will be hard at work repairing and improving our roads to make them safer for all of us. National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week, beginning on March 31, 2014 aims to keep them safer while they’re out there....

How to avoid a pain in the neck

Hardly a day goes by lately without a news report that shows car after car being smashed into by folks behind them who cannot stop because of snowy or icy conditions....

Are you driving impaired by your medicine?

Information, tips and reminders from those who work to keep Vermont drivers safe – Vermont State Police, Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, Vermont Agency of Transportation, Vermont Sheriffs Association and the AARP Driver Safety Program….

Back to School Safety

Let's all help the kids arrive at school and back home safe and sound every day, with these safety reminders….

Road Rage: Nobody Wins

How many deaths will it take to convince drivers that road rage is always a bad idea? Aggressive driving can easily escalate into road rage......

Mutual Respect May Save a Life!

As rural landscapes throughout the United States become less open due to population growth, horseback riders and automobiles are more likely to cross paths on the road, with a high risk of a bad outcome….

Keeping our Rural Roads Safe in Vermont

Tips for sharing the road with farm equipment….

Staying Safe On Rainy Roads

Recent heavy rains are a timely reminder that snow and ice are not the only weather that can get us into trouble on the road….

Driving Safely In Work Zones

Now that warm weather is here, it must be construction season and that means it’s time to refresh our safe driving in work zone skills with these tips….

Hot Cars Are Killers

Warmer weather means that parked cars heat up faster….

Follow the 4-Second Rule for Safety Spacing

Most of us don’t mean to tailgate on the road, but how do we know when we’re too close? There is an easier way than the old one car length per 10 mph method….

Passing Safely On Two-Lane Roads

There are precious few passing opportunities on our Vermont roads, so it’s important to know how to do it safely when we can, and to recognize when we can’t. Here are a few tips that can help….

How to Read Your Tires

Our tires can only support us and our vehicles safely if we keep them in good condition and properly inflated….

Yielding Right of Way

Most drivers recognize the familiar inverted red and white Yield signs that mean they should slow down, search and enter only if the way is clear of pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles but many motorists do not realize this...

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter driving calls for extra caution, with more snow and ice to deal with, and less daylight. Stay safe out there with these annual winter driving reminders….

What To Do About Winter Tires

Do we need them? The short answer in Vermont is yes. According to Consumer Reports, winter tires have a better grip on snow and ice, and the Vermont DMV recommends them….

Sharing the Road with Large Trucks

Nationwide, there are more than 250,000 crashes each year involving passenger vehicles and large trucks. More often than not, it was a passenger vehicle driver who caused the crash, and passenger vehicle occupants who were killed or injured......