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  1. Death of Owner

    ... :  Individual(s) shown as Owner(s) on the Title and/or Registration Certificate. Intestate :  Died without a will. No ... VD-119 must be submitted along with the appropriate fees. If the vehicle is being registered by the surviving spouse see ...

  2. Transfer Ownership

    ... To transfer your Vermont registration from one vehicle (car, motorhome, jitney, motorbus, motorcycle, ... if the owner is deceased » See Transfer Fees » Tags:  ...

  3. Renew Vehicle Registration

    ... ATV, and more. Upon completion, you will receive a temporary registration that is valid for 10 days. A permanent registration and sticker ... a Registration Form (form #VD-119) and pay the appropriate fees. See Renewal Fees Registration Expires in a Future Month ...

  4. DMV Records Requests

    ... Request certified copy of current or original registration application, expired Driver's license application, individual ... distributors (including gallons sold or delivered).  Fees Certified copy 3 year operating record - $14.00 Certified ...

  5. Vanity (Personalized) Plates

    ... is not currently registered in Vermont, complete a Vermont Registration, Tax and Title Application (VD-119). Submit fees for registration, including the additional Vanity (Personalized) plate fee ...

  6. Registration Application Instructions

    Registration ... vehicle, office locations, and registration, tax, and title fees. File:  ...

  7. Antique & Exhibition

    ... or property not more than one day per week. Vermont registration plates issued prior to 1968 may be displayed on a motor vehicle ... vehicle, office locations, and registration, tax, and title fees. File:  ...

  8. Dealer Services

    Registration Processing for Out-of-State Car Dealers An out-of-state car ... the Department's Information Unit at 802-828-2000 . Fees Additional Plates - $55.00 ATV, Additional Certificates - ...

  9. Exempt Title

    ... vehicle title all of the following are required: Registration, Tax & Title Form (form #VD-119). The applicant must furnish one ... vehicle, office locations, and registration, tax, and title fees. File:  ...

  10. Inspection Stations

    ... inspected in Vermont, must be inspected within 15 days of registration. The fee for the inspection shall be based on the hourly rate ... 23 V.S.A. § 1222. Inspection of registered vehicles Fees Inspection Station Certificate - $6.00 Inspection Sticker ...


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