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  1. Renewals, Transfers & Upgrades

    ... Tags:  Form | CDL | ... Tags:  Form | CDL | ...

  2. Single Trip Permit

    ... Tags:  Form | Commercial Vehicles | ... Tags:  Form | Commercial Vehicles | ...

  3. Faded Plates

    ... should fill out a Replacement Plate Application  (DMV Form VD-016)  and check the box for two replacement registration plates. Write “FADED PLATES” across the top of the form and check the “faded” box. The vehicle owner will receive a new set of ...

  4. Disabled Plates & Placards

    ... disability . A Disabled Parking Placard application (form #VD-120) must be completed. One set of plates is issued (without ... person with a permanent disability. Complete a registration form (form #VD-119) to request a Disabled plate. A Universal Medical ...

  5. Standard Driver Training (Pleasure car type)

    ... Tags:  Form | Driver Education | ... Tags:  Form | Driver Education ...

  6. Blanket Permit - Dealers in Farm Equipment

    ... Tags:  Form | Commercial Vehicles | ... Tags:  Form | Commercial Vehicles | ...

  7. What are the 6 steps to be completed when requesting reinstatement of your driver’s license through Total Abstinence?

    ... treatment. Complete the Total Abstinence Packet (form VS-077). The entire packet, once completed, should be delivered to the ... third floor. “Applicant’s Sworn Declaration Form.” A written, sworn statement that you have been completely abstinent ...

  8. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

    ... Tags:  Form | VIN | ... Tags:  Form | VIN | ...

  9. Abandoned Vehicles

    ... Vehicles for an abandoned motor vehicle certification ( form #VN-012 ). An abandoned motor vehicle certification form must indicate the date of removal, make, color, model, location found, and ...

  10. Self-Issue Crane Permits

    ... you must complete and submit an Escrow Account Requirements Form (form #VX-007) Tags:  ...


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