Why do some people (who have been charged with an alcohol-related offense) been issued both a civil suspension and a criminal suspension for the same violation?

Effective December 1, 1989 the Vermont legislature passed a law that provided a means for a law enforcement officer to issue a Notice of Intent to Suspend, which is considered a Civil (alcohol-related) suspension, to be issued to an offender. This law also permits criminal (alcohol-related) charges to be filed against the offender. As a result, an individual can be suspended both civilly and criminally for the same incident.

If I live in one state and I've been suspended in another state why won't the state I live in let me get a driver's license (or renew the driver's license I already have in that state)?

On or around April 1, 1996 the federal government required that all states participate in a program that prevents individuals who have had a suspension issued to them in one state (or more than one state) from obtaining a license in another state. A nationwide computer system now tracks all drivers (or potential drivers) to prevent the issuance of a license to a suspended person.


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