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Motorboat Application

03 November 2017
To apply for registration as new, transfer, renew, or title only on a motorboat. Boat registrations also require submission of Vermont Tax form SU-452.


Companies/organizations that currently qualify for exempt status: A-Z (alphabetical listing).

The following is a list of conditions that will allow you to register your vehicle exempt of payment of the Vermont Purchase and Use Tax:

A vehicle owned or leased by government

You will be required to submit proof of government ownership.

A vehicle owned or leased by religious or charitable institution

These groups must submit the following documentation:

Credits & Refunds

A tax credit/refund may be available within 3 months prior to or after the purchase of a new vehicle.

A tax credit may be applied toward the tax due at the time of registration for a vehicle registered to you and sold 3 months prior to the purchase. A tax refund may be applied for when a vehicle is registered to you and is sold within 3 months after the registration of a different vehicle. Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for further information.

Leased Vehicles

The tax will be calculated by the dealer/leasing company. A lease agreement or Vermont Dealer worksheet must be submitted with documents. If the individual purchases this vehicle at the end of the lease, they will pay tax on the "residual/lease end value" of the vehicle.

The registration application is received from a Vermont Dealer or a Vermont Dealer acting on behalf of the Lessor. A "Purchase and Use Tax Computation - Leased Vehicle" Form (form #VD-147) may be submitted in lieu of a copy of the lease agreement and dealer worksheet.


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