Regarding a driver's license suspension or reinstatement.

Ignition Interlock Program Rules

1. Definitions.

For the purposes of these rules, the following definitions apply:

(a) “Alcohol set point” means the minimum alcohol concentration at which an ignition interlock device is set to lock a motor vehicle’s ignition. That level shall be 0.02 BAC.

(b) “Certified laboratory” means a laboratory which subscribes to the quality code of the International Standards Organization of the American National Standards Institute.

(c) “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

Total Abstinence Reinstatement Application Packet

01 February 2018
Packet of all forms required for application for reinstatement under Total Abstinence. Includes forms VS-070, VS-071, VS-072, VS-073, VS-074 & VS-075. If currently living outside of Vermont you must also obtain Non-Resident Reinstatement (form VS-076)

Total Abstinence Non-Resident

09 October 2017
Non-Resident’s Sworn Declaration and Application for Reinstatement through Abstinence from Alcohol and Drugs

RDL Application

01 November 2017
Application to obtain or renew an Ignition Interlock Restricted License


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