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Interactive Driver Tutorial


Welcome to our innovative web-based Learner Permit training, DriveVermont.

Getting your permit is an exciting time. Now it is educational, easy to follow and enjoyable. Study when it's most convenient for you at your own pace using our web-based training tool.

This free interactive program has been designed to help you learn to drive safely. The user friendly system was developed using a multitude of applications and mediums to form a visually appealing and interactive solution that helps potential drivers learn the rules of the road in Vermont.

Users will be asked questions throughout the lessons including multiple choice questions, drag and drop, matching, and even controlling a virtual vehicle through a scenario. At the end of all lessons, users take a practice exam which will prepare them for the actual exam that they will take to receive their driver’s permit. Users will receive feedback on questions they missed which will direct them to the appropriate section to review.

Robert D. Ide, Commissioner


Vermont Teen Driver Resources


The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety
Before they start…driving with supervision….driving on their own…

Dare to Prepare

What you and your teen need to know before they drive…this AAA workshop focuses on importance of parental involvement….understanding the reasons why teens crash…resources for parents and teens..

StartSmart The Keys to Safe Driving

An AAA program designed to help families get through the crucial period when teens are learning to drive…a series of newsletters help identify the challenges you and your teen will face and how you can work together to reduce risk…

Take the Wheel Teen Driving

Designed to inform and encourage teens to drive safely. There are games, videos, personal stories and a wealth of information for a school project!