US Route 4 Permit

23 VSA §1432 empowers the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to issue non-divisible over length permits for the operation of vehicles with or without a trailer or semi trailer over US Route 4 from the New Hampshire state line to the junction of VT Route 100 South.


Vehicles with a trailer or semi trailer longer than sixty-eight feet (68') but not longer than seventy-two feet (72') may be operated with a single or multi trip over length permit provided the distance from the kingpin of the semitrailer to the center of the rearmost axle group is not greater than forty-one feet (41'). An “axle group” is defined as two (2) or more axles where the centers of all the axles are spaced at an equal distance. If the overall length of a vehicle with a trailer or semi trailer is longer than seventy-two feet (72') a single trip permit may be issued pursuant to 23 VSA §1402. 

  • In no instance will a permit be issued that exceeds any legal dimension for Vermont, except the length and only up to and including seventy-two feet (72'), unless otherwise stated. Gross weight cannot exceed eighty thousand (80,000) pounds
  • Width cannot exceed eight feet, six inches (8' 6")
  • Height cannot exceed thirteen feet, six inches (13' 6") If any of these dimensions are exceeded, a single trip permit must be obtained through the Permit Unit at DMV

No fee.

US RT 4 Permits expire one year from the date of issue.

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