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Why does the tax for undyed diesel show $0.32 tax and $0.01 clean up fund for a total of $0.33 when the current rate is $0.31 plus $0.01 cleanup for a total of $0.32?

The undyed diesel rate is $0.32. Calculated at $0.28 tax + $0.03 MFTIA Fee + $0.01 Clean up fee. Undyed diesel sold to exempt customers pay the $0.01 per gallon Clean up Fee.

Is the diesel disbursement reporting is only for gallons that go into underground tanks and not for individual sales from the pump?

Retail diesel pump sales should not be reported on the distributor return. Deliveries of diesel fuel into the retail pump storage tank are reported on the return and Tax is paid when the diesel is delivered to the retail pump storage tank.


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