1937 ended the era of the DMV Motorcycle Patrol, until 2018

11 April 2019
1937 ended the era of the DMV Motorcycle Patrol

An increase in the number of roads which remained open to travel in the mid-30s led to the Motor Vehicle Highway Patrol Inspectors being kept on year-round in 1935. The entire force of 28 was kept on through the winter. Inspectors were reimbursed for the use of their personal vehicles until 1937, when the State of Vermont purchased a fleet of 37 green Chevrolet sedans for the Inspectors.

Motorcycles were still used briefly after that for parades/special events but the sedans were the primary patrol vehicle. This ended the era of the Department of Motor Vehicle Motorcycle Patrol until the summer of 2018 when Corporal Matt Nesto began patrolling Vermont’s highways on a Harley Davidson motorcycle as part of a special enforcement pilot project.