COVID-19 | School Bus use for food delivery

19 March 2020

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles is aware of transportation providers being asked by school districts to assist in delivering meals to school age children during the day. This request is to help ensure children who would normally have their breakfast and lunch at school still have access during the mandated school closing.

23 V.S.A. §1283(a)(4) requires the Eight Way Light System only to be used when school-age children are being loaded or unloaded during a school-related function. The sole purpose for the use of the system is to provide a safe passage for children by signaling other motorists to stop.

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles understands the need to provide our most vulnerable citizens (children) with nutritious meals, especially in times like this. The department also recognizes the inherent danger posed when a child crosses the street. Keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of our children the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles authorizes the usage of the Eight Way Light System when making deliveries to school-age children. This authorization will remain in effect until the service is no longer needed.  

Wanda Minoli, Commissioner

Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles 


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