License Plates of Motor Vehicle Inspectors

17 May 2019

Vermont number plates assigned to the vehicles that the Motor Vehicle Inspectors have driven over the years has changed on many occasions. As the motorcycles driven by the Inspectors were their own personal vehicles, the number plates on those early motorcycles were varied. Starting in the mid-1920’s, the Inspectors were routinely assigned the lowest number plates, typically numbers 1 through 15.

When the Department started to issue the sedans in 1937, the Inspector’s sedans were issued a state plate with the ST prefix and the numbers 100 through 137.

Seen below is Inspector George Lathrop in Bristol, 1941.

Following the creation of State Police in 1947, Motor Vehicle Inspectors used State of Vermont pool vehicles with the basic state plate for pool vehicles.

In the late 1970s, the Inspectors were assigned plates with the MV prefix.

From 1985 through the 1990s, the Inspectors’ assigned vehicles returned to the standard state issued plates. As the Department of Motor Vehicles is part of the Agency of Transportation, the plates had the “T” prefix, followed by numbers 130 and up.

In the late 1990s, Inspectors briefly displayed a new style plate which featured the Vermont state seal. This design was changed after it was determined that only elected members of the state legislature should display the state seal on their license plates.

The current design is seen below. It originally had brown lettering but in 2006, the lettering on the plate was changed to black.



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