Dealer Bulletin #18-01 | Dealer Appraisal Form

03 October 2018
Dealer Appraisal Form

Please be advised the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has developed a new Dealer Appraisal Form (form VD-012) to be completed by a Vermont licensed Dealer appraising a vehicle.  Please discontinue the use of any older versions of the Dealer Appraisal Form, as the old version will no longer be accepted. The purpose of the appraisal is to establish a fair motor vehicle value to determine Purchase & Use Tax at the time of registration.  Please be sure to complete the form in its entirety, using the NADA Guide Book Value.  

Out-of-State Salvage Certificates of Title and Out-of-State Certificates of Destruction/titles branded “JUNK,” “PARTS ONLY,” “NON-REPAIRABLE,” “FLOOD” or similar brands.

In an effort to promote highway safety and ensure only vehicles meeting Vermont emissions and safety standards are registered, the Vermont DMV has developed a new registration procedure process for vehicles with Out-of-State Salvage Certificate of Title and Out-of-State Certificate of Destruction/titles branded “JUNK,” “PARTS ONLY,” “NON-REPAIRABLE,” “FLOOD” or similar brands.  A Vermont Dealer who sells a vehicle with an Out-of-State title with one of these brands for registration in Vermont, must submit the following documentation to Vermont DMV:

  1. Vermont Registration/Title Application & Odometer Disclosure

Note: VT Dealer’s may apply for a “Title Only” in the dealership’s name only.  

  1. Out-of-State Salvage Title with proper Dealer Report of Sale, Bill of Sale, Re-assignments etc.
  2. A Verification of VIN/HIN Form (form VT-010) completed by Vermont Law Enforcement or Vermont DMV to ensure a NCIC check has been performed.   
  3. A completed Vermont Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) and corresponding Work Order/Invoice documenting the vehicle passed an Official VT State Inspection. 
  4. A Carfax/Auto Check Vehicle History Report confirming the vehicle’s Salvage History. 

Note: If the vehicle history shows the vehicles entire life was in another country, prior to this application, proof of importation through US Customs (form CF 7501) is required.

  1. Appropriate Vermont Purchase & Use Tax and DMV fees.

Attention: All vehicles sold with Out-of-State Certificate of Destruction/title branded “JUNK,” “PARTS ONLY,” “NON-REPAIRABLE,” “FLOOD” or similar brands, must be registered at a Vermont DMV office by the new owner or documented representative, unless the Vermont Dealer submits the registration transaction to Vermont DMV directly and issues the customer a 60-day temporary plate from the dealership.