Law Enforcement Bulletin 20-01

22 January 2020

Vermont Driver License Restrictions Issue

The Department of Motor Vehicles has become aware of an issue with DMV’s main computer records system. Certain license restrictions like Ignition Interlock Devices (T restriction) and Corrective Lenses (B restriction) that have been properly removed from an individual’s record are not being updated to DMV’s main computer records system; estimated to be less than 100 individuals affected. DMV is actively working on the issue and anticipate resolving the matter expeditiously. If a law enforcement officer discovers a conflict with an individual’s permit, temporary license or permanent license and that of the DMV computer record which is showing a restriction they are asked to honor the physical document and not the DMV main computer record at this time. Once the matter is resolved a follow-up bulletin will be sent out. Should law enforcement have any questions relative to the validity of the physical document please contact DMV at 802 828-2066.

Colonel William (Jake) Elovirta                             

Director Enforcement & Safety Division

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