Law Enforcement Bulletin 20-05

07 May 2020

Many Vermont law enforcement agencies as a public service maintain a supply of common DMV forms and manuals. If your agency maintains a supply of DMV forms we need you to replace several as soon as possible;

Form #           Form Name                                                   Date Revised

VL-017           Vermont Non-Driver ID Application             04/2020 or 05/2020

VL-021           Vermont License Application                       04/2020 or 05/2020

VL-040           Replacement License Application                 04/2020 or 05/2020

All Vermont DMV forms and manuals have a “history line” (see image below). The history line includes; form #, quantity ordered, date revised, initials of DMV employee. The history line is generally located on the lower left of the first page. Manuals typically have a year printed on the cover.

In addition to the above forms, if you have any manuals that are more than two years old, they should be replaced.

Should you need to order any new forms or manuals, please use the Municipal Order form.

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