Law Enforcement Bulletin 21-04

15 July 2021

2021 Legislative Changes to Motor Vehicle Laws

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Topic What's happening Changes made Effective Date
Temporary Registrations

Temporary plates (including in-transit plates) may now be displayed conspicuously on the rear of the vehicle including inside the rear window of the vehicle. All numerals and letters on the plates must always remain legible.

Makes permanent the electronic issuance of temporary plates (print-at-home) and makes them valid for 60 days.

None. This makes COVID- 19 changes permanent. September 8, 2020
VIN Verification

Vehicles previously last registered in another state or country no longer need to have their VINs verified.

Vehicles with a salvage title still need to have their VIN verified.

None. This makes a COVID-19 change permanent. April 1, 2020
Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT) Drivers obtaining a Class A or Class B CDL for the first time, upgrading from a Class B to a Class A, or obtaining a Passenger, School Bus, or Hazmat endorsement for the first time must complete ELDT prior to being issued a new credential.  Certification of completion will be stored in the Report Out-of-State Test Results (ROOSTR-NG) application. Examiners will have access and will receive training. July 1, 2021
Snowmobile Exhaust Systems All snowmobiles being operated on VAST trail system that was manufactured 2/1/2007 or later must display certification by the Snowmobile Safety and Certification Committee on all critical components of the exhaust system. Snowmobile Operator’s Manual (VN-035) updated.  July 1, 2021
CVO Permits Repeal of a permit required for operation of trucks with trailers between 68 and 75 feet on US Route 4 between NH border and VT Route 100 South.  Permit will be removed from e-permitting system for 7/1/2022. July 1, 2022

Seven conviction codes are now eligible for automatic expungement by Vermont Judicial Bureau.
Codes eligible for expungement – NR, FCC, PL, OSC, NL, NLC, INC, INS, IX4, VNI

Records become eligible for expungement two years after restitution has been made; VJB will provide notification to DMV.

VJB will transmit expungements daily with regular reports. Records will be updated manually, and all records of expunged convictions will be destroyed.

Response to requests for expunged records will be “NO RECORD EXISTS”.

July 1, 2021
Red & Blue Light Permits

A red, amber, or combination of the two may be used by law enforcement vehicles. Applies to law enforcement vehicles owned or leased by a law enforcement agency, certified officer, or Vermont Criminal Justice Council. Lamps must be mounted so they are primarily visible from the rear of the vehicle.

A blue, amber, or combination of the two may be used by EMS vehicles and those owned or leased by a fired department. Lamps must be mounted so they are primarily visible from the rear of the vehicle.

Individual and Fleet Light Permit applications updated.  July 1, 2021
Dealers and Direct-to-Consumer Manufacturers

Direct-to-Consumer manufacturers (e.g. Tesla) who do not operate franchises (dealerships) are permitted to open service facilities in the state, but must be registered as motor vehicle dealers and meet all dealer regulations.

Interested stakeholders can submit proposals for changes to Vermont’s franchise laws and on the creation of a direct shipper's license. 

Web portal created for stakeholders to submit proposals for law changes. Linked from DMV website.  

Dealer Application updated and a new one created for DTC manufacturers. DTC manufacturers must complete both forms to register as a dealer. 

July 1, 2021
ATV Helmets

Operators and passengers of enclosed ATVs are required to wear helmets when operating in an area where registrations are required. Helmets must meet ASTM International or National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment safety standards (e.g. bicycle helmets).

Operators and passengers of open ATVs (e.g. traditional four-wheelers) are required to wear closed-face helmets when operating in an area where registrations are required. Helmets must meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards contained in 49 C.F.R. §571.218 and any applicable regulations by USDOT. 

ATV manual and DMV website updated. July 1, 2021
ATV Trail Access Decals & Registrations ATVs being operated on frozen bodies of water do not need to be registered nor do they need to display a Trail Access Decal (TAD).  ATV manual and DMV website updated. July 1, 2021
Definitions E-Bikes

Definitions of Motorcycle, Motor-Driven Cycle, and All-Terrain Vehicle were updated to not include electric bicycles.

Modification of e-bike to increase speed is not permitted unless labels indicating top speed are replaced.

Motorcycle and ATV manuals updated. January 1, 2022
Vessel Validation Vessels registered in another state or documented by any federal agency can be operated on Vermont waters for up to 60 days before they need to complete a vessel validation with Vermont. Change is from 30- to 60-day period.   Vessel validation form (VD-113) and DMV website updated. July 1, 2021
Motorboat Crash Reporting Increases the damage threshold to require an operator to file a crash report for a motorboat crash from $100 to $2,000 Operator and Police crash report forms updated. Destroy all outdated versions. July 1, 2021

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