Inspection Mechanic Certification

  • Register on the AVIP website (make note of your assigned ID number).

      • Fill in the fields with your information

      • Once completed and you hit submit, you will be issued with inspection mechanic number. 

    • After you have registered, click on FORMS tab

      • Complete the  Application for Inspection Mechanic Certification (VN-201)

        • Remember to write the Mechanic Certification Number provided in registration in the appropriate box.

        • Print the form and sign it

      • Access the Inspection Mechanic Exam(s) associated with the vehicle you wish to be licensed to inspect: Car Truck (VN-202), Motorcycle (VN-204), and/ or School Bus (VN-203),

      • Print and complete the Inspection Mechanic Answer Sheet (VN-202a), one for each exam you choose to take; make sure to list the test type on the answer sheet.

      • Carefully read each exam you choose to take and place your answer on the answer sheet.

    • Mail your completed forms (#VN-201, #VN-202a) to:
      Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles
      120 State Street
      Montpelier, VT 05603-0001

Questions please feel free to call 802-828-2094 or contact us here

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If you are applying for re-certification, you must complete an Inspection Mechanic Re-Certification Form (form #VN-041).

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