Driver Training

Driving schools and instructors are licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles. The schools are privately owned businesses which operate under guidelines and standards set forth in state statutes and rules. There are two basic types of instruction, which are listed below.

Standard driver training schools provide instruction in the operation of "pleasure cars." These training programs provide the following services:

  • A state-approved driver education course:
    This course consists of a minimum of 30 hours classroom, 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction, and 6 hours observation and is required for license applicants under the age of 18. Students who successfully complete the course are issued a "Driver Education Certificate".
  • Adult driver training and refresher training:
    This type of training may consist of classroom and/or behind-the-wheel instruction. A combination of both types of instruction is available for novice drivers in a state-approved "6+6 Adult Driver Education Course". This program consists of a minimum of 6 hours classroom and 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction.
  • Driver license testing:
    Instructors at participating schools are certified to administer the DMV driver license road test. This service may be provided to students who have completed an approved driver education course. Adult drivers who have completed an approved ("6+6") adult driver course may also be eligible to be tested.

Driver Training Manual

In addition to the printed version of the Driver's Manual we also offer

High School Driver License Testing

High school driver education instructors are now conducting driver license road tests. This service is provided only at schools that have enrolled in the testing program, and by those instructors who have been certified as examiners by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Road tests will be administered only to students who attend a participating school.

A student who passed the road test which was given by the high school driver education instructor will be issued a Driver Education Examination Certificate. This certificate, valid Vermont Learner’s Permit, license application completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian, road test and licensing fee, and proof of Vermont residency are all required for license issue. These must be submitted in person to any Motor Vehicle Customer Service Office. The instructors at participating schools will provide complete information regarding this program to students.


Motorcycle Training

Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program (VMAP)

The VMAP Course is a 4-hour basic motorcycle safety course for individuals interested in obtaining a motorcycle learner permit or endorsement. More information »

Vermont Rider Education Program (VREP)

The 2-day VREP Course is designed to make your motorcycling safer and more enjoyable. The Vermont Rider Education Program was established in 1990 to offer motorcycle rider training to anyone who wishes to enjoy the sport of motorcycling. More information »

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