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CMV boom truck crash w/injuries: West Hill Road, Townsend, VT

SUBJECT: Commercial Vehicle crash

DATE: 12/16/22 @ 13:45


TYPE OF EVENT(S):  CMV boom truck crash w/injuries

LOCATION OF EVENT(S): West Hill Road, Townsend, VT

INVESTIGATING INSPECTOR(S): Inspector Stange and Cpl Beebe


SUMMARY: On 12/16/22 at approximately 1345 hours DMV Inspectors responded to West Hill road in the town of Townsend for a reported truck crash. Upon arrival it was discovered a utility boom truck had slid off the road and down a ravine.  Investigation revealed the truck had lost traction while traveling up an incline in the road. The truck had lost traction and slid backwards, off the left side of the road and down a sharp ravine. The truck came to rest approximately 60 ft down the embankment. Minor injuries were reported to both the operator and passenger. The truck sustained moderate damage.  No tickets were issued.

This is an informational post made in the interest of transparency and public awareness of the activities of the Department of Motor Vehicles.  For more information about a specific incident, please contact DMV HQ at 802-828-2078.