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Commercial Vehicle Fire US Route 7, Charlotte, VT

picture of the truck

SUBJECT: Commercial Vehicle Fire

DATE: 07/05/2023


TYPE OF EVENT(S): Commercial Vehicle Fire

LOCATION OF EVENT(S): US Route 7, Charlotte, VT


ASSISTING AGENCIES: VT State Police, Charlotte Fire/Rescue, Rick's Towing

SUMMARY: On 7/5/23 a northbound tractor trailer hauling diesel fuel blew a tire and pulled into a pulloff in Charlotte.  Once stopped, the driver noticed the rear passenger side of the trailer was on fire, which caused the tire failure.  The post crash inspection is not complete at this time, but preliminary findings point to a mechanical failure in the area of the trailer's rear axles. No hazardous materials were released as a result of this incident. 




If you have any information regarding this incident/event, or if you would like more information about this incident/event, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement and Safety Division at 802-828-2078.