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Crashes on Route 22A in Bridport, VT

SUBJECT: Crashes

DATE: 01/20/2023

INCIDENT NUMBER: 23MV000726 & 23MV00072727


LOCATION OF EVENT(S): Route 22A, Bridport, VT


ASSISTING AGENCIES: Bridport Fire Department/Green Mountain Power


A tractor-trailer was northbound on Route 22a in Bridport when the driver lost control in slippery road conditions. The driver collided with a utility pole taking it and the wires down. The driver was uninjured, but the truck tractor and trailer were totaled, and the full load in the trailer, general freight, was a total loss. Wrecker operators worked for hours to clear the roadway.

Shortly after the above crash occurred, another tractor-trailer traveling northbound became entangled in the downed wires. The entangled wires pulled the downed utility pole up and into the windshield of this truck tractor, destroying the windshield. The driver was uninjured, but the tractor-trailer was towed for damage incurred. 


If you have any information regarding this incident/event, or if you would like more information about this incident/event, please contact the Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement and Safety Division at 802-828-2078.