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Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement & Safety Division Provides Update on Train, Commercial Vehicle Collision

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Enforcement & Safety Division can provide the following update on the collision that occurred Monday, February 27, 2023, between an Amtrak train and a commercial vehicle in Sharon, VT. 

The location of the collision between a tractor-trailer unit and an Amtrak train occurred on the upper end of Quarry Road, Sharon, VT.  That portion of the road, where the unguarded rail crossing is located, only serves the Black River Quarries.   

The tractor-trailer unit was in motion as it crossed the tracks, at which point the Amtrak train collided with the trailer that was hauling stone. The trailer broke free from the truck at impact, keeping the truck from being dragged along the tracks. The distance from point of impact to the train’s final position of rest was 926 feet.  

The speed limit for passenger rail on this section of track is 59 mph.  According to Amtrak Police, the train was traveling at 57 mph when the impact occurred.  

New England Central Railroad also responded to the scene and conducted a safety inspection of the tracks. Their investigation did not find any damage to the tracks as a result of the collision. 

The commercial motor vehicle driver was issued a violation for attempting to cross the railroad tracks when unsafe to do so.    

DMV Enforcement and Amtrak Police are still investigating this incident.