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Vehicle Equipment Advisory

A wide range of after-market vehicle equipment is readily available to the consumer, however; not all of it is legal. Although many vehicle equipment items are lawful to sell, they are not legal when placed on a vehicle. This means you could be ticketed for operating a vehicle with illegal after-market equipment and your vehicle could be subject to rejection during a Vermont State Inspection. Here are some of the items to be aware of:

  • After-market equipment placed on, in or in front of any lamp (except transparent covers which are part of original manufacturer’s equipped headlamps)...i.e. – smoked or colored light covers, etc.
  • Any after-market lamp failing to have the letters DOT horizontally or vertically on the lens
  • After-market undercarriage glow light(s) placed on or under the vehicle, whether flashing or steady burning
  • After-market license plate glow light(s) placed on a vehicle, whether flashing or steady burning
  • Any additional auxiliary or after-market light(s) not designed to enhance safety and have not been approved by the Commissioner, are placed on or in the vehicle, whether flashing or burning
  • Any additional after market lamp showing a color contrary to law…i.e. – blue, green, etc.
  • Window tinting to the immediate left or right of the driver’s position
  • Windshield decals
  • Tires in which the tread portion exceeds the fender well
  • After-market exhaust systems causing excessive noise
  • Trucks with lift kits failing to have mud flaps
  • Hanging items from the rearview mirror
  • Smoked or tinted license plate covers