Physical Conditions as Pertains to Fainting Spells, Blackouts or Any Other Reason Causing a Period of Unconsciousness

a. In order to operate a motor vehicle or to hold or obtain a Driver's License, a person who experiences an alteration or alterations of consciousness or conscious control may be granted such privilege by the Commissioner with such conditions and restrictions as the Commissioner deems appropriate.

b. Such a person shall submit initial medical evaluation reports to the Commissioner. The medical reports shall require information regarding the person's overall fitness to drive and recommendations regarding the necessity to furnish medical progress reports, the recommended frequency of such progress reports and the length of time such progress reports should be required. The medical report or progress report shall also permit the physician to recommend that the person submit to such motor vehicle written, road, and eye tests as the physician deems appropriate.

c. Upon the failure to furnish medical reports or progress reports, or upon receipt of an unsatisfactory medical report or progress report, the commissioner shall suspend for an indefinite period the person's license, privilege to operate, or right to obtain a Driver's License and such license shall remain suspended until the Commissioner receives a subsequent and satisfactory medical report or progress report.

d. In evaluating medical reports and progress reports, the Commissioner may require and consider reports from other physician. The Commissioner shall not be responsible for the costs of such medical examinations and reports and progress reports.

e. In evaluating the person's fitness to operate, or to obtain or hold a license, the Commissioner may also consider any other pertinent facts, reports, or information in his or her possession.

f. Any person who holds a Vermont Commercial Driver's License and who is engaged in interstate commerce (between states), is subject to Part 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.


Source. June 16, 1991, S. O. S. Rule Log #91-24.
Amended. March 15, 1996, S. O. S. Rule Log #96-20.


Code of Vermont Rules, rule 14 050 040.
Physical and mental examinations, see 23 V. S. A. § 637 et seq.
Restricted licenses, see 23 V. S. A. § 612.

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