What can I do with CVO Online?

CVO Online has many convenient features for you to manage your business related to your accounts with the Vermont DMV Commercial Vehicle Operations Unit. CVO Online removes the barrier of requiring you to come into the office or mail in documents. You can do the following activities with CVO Online:

  • Fuel Tax Account
    • File and pay for Monthly Fuel returns
    • Renew your bond
    • If you qualify, request a bond release at the time of renewal
  • IFTA Account
    • File and pay for Quarterly IFTA returns
    • Request and/or replace IFTA decals
    • Renew your IFTA license
  • IRP Account
    • Renew IRP vehicles
    • Request to add/delete/refund/change a vehicle
    • Replace decals, cab card and/or plates
    • Request temporary registration
    • Transfer plates
  • Railroad Tax Account
    • File and pay for Quarterly Railroad returns
  • Car Rental Tax Account
    • File and pay for Monthly/Quarterly Rental returns
    • Renew your bond
  • Diesel Exemption Certificate
    • Renew your certificate
  • Diesel Dealer License
    • Renew your license
  • Diesel Refund
    • Request a diesel refund
  • Additional Activities
    • Viewing and printing your license(s) for free
    • Viewing all letters
    • Go Paperless
    • Viewing and printing all filed returns
    • Messaging the CVO Unit
    • Granting Third Party access
    • Update your contact information

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