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Central Issuance of Driver Licenses and ID Cards

To help prevent identity theft and fraud, Vermont DMV issues Driver’s Licenses, Learner Permits and IDs from a central location and mails them to customers. 

Drivers receive a 30-day Temporary License/ID, and their permanent License, Permit or ID card arrives before the temporary certificate expires.

The certificate may be used only for driving purposes. It cannot be used for identification. Drivers may renew their License or ID as early as six months before their card expires.

Why did Vermont decide to move to central issuance?

It provides greater security and helps to protect against identity fraud. New and renewed credentials will be produced at a secure location that meets federal requirements for both safeguarding the raw materials used to produce licenses and IDs as well as mailing them to customers.

Are other states doing Central Issuance?

Yes. In fact, the majority of U.S. states have moved to centralized production of Driver’s Licenses and ID cards for the same reasons as Vermont did. This method enables us to increase the security of the card itself as well as the overall issuance process. This protects you from identity fraud as well as enables us to work more efficiently to improve our service to you.


Why should I renew my license early?

A temporary License (or ID) may not be accepted for certain identification purposes. Activities such as boarding airplanes and completing financial transactions will be easier with your permanent License/ID in your possession.