Central Issuance of Driver Licenses and ID Cards

To help prevent identity theft and fraud, Vermont DMV issues Driver’s Licenses, Learner Permits and IDs from a central location and mails them to customers. 

Drivers receive a 30-day Temporary License/ID, and their permanent License, Permit or ID card arrives before the temporary certificate expires.

The certificate may be used only for driving purposes. It cannot be used for identification. Drivers may renew their License or ID as early as six months before their card expires.

Why did Vermont decide to move to central issuance?

It provides greater security and helps to protect against identity fraud. New and renewed credentials will be produced at a secure location that meets federal requirements for both safeguarding the raw materials used to produce licenses and IDs as well as mailing them to customers.

Are other states doing Central Issuance?

Yes. In fact, the majority of U.S. states have moved to centralized production of Driver’s Licenses and ID cards for the same reasons as Vermont did. This method enables us to increase the security of the card itself as well as the overall issuance process. This protects you from identity fraud as well as enables us to work more efficiently to improve our service to you.

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The Safe at Home address confidentiality program, within the Office of the Secretary of State, was implemented to serve victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Stalking.

The goal of the Safe at Home program is to help victims who have relocated or are about to relocate, in their effort to keep their perpetrators from finding them.

Safe at Home has two components: a substitute address service and a protected records service. These services limit a perpetrator’s ability to access public information that could identify the new location of a victim who is in the program. This is not a witness protection program, rather it is a mail forwarding service.

For more information visit sec.state.vt.us/safe-at-home

Many shelters allow the use of their address or have Post Office Boxes set up for this purpose. Call 211 or visit vermont211.org for more information.

No. The mailing process used to send Driver’s Licenses and IDs is similar to that used by the financial services industry to send your credit and debit cards. There is no indication on the outside of the envelope that it contains a driver license or ID card. If a license can’t be delivered, it will be returned to the DMV. Also, mailing the driver license and ID card helps DMV ensure applicants provide us with legitimate addresses.

Your wait time at a DMV office may be less with a centralized production method. With central issuance, you don’t have to wait for the permanent license to be produced. You leave the office with the Temporary License/ID which takes a few seconds to print. All security checks are done after you leave the DMV office.

A temporary document may not be accepted for identification purposes. Activities such as boarding airplanes and completing financial transactions will be easier with your permanent card in your possession.

There are no changes to the application requirements for a Driver License. The change occurs in the printing process. Instead of leaving the office with your permanent card, you will receive a Temporary License/ID and can expect to receive your permanent card in the mail within 10 calendar days at the address you provided the DMV.

The 7 to 10-day turnaround from the time you apply for a license to when you receive it in the mail gives the DMV time to verify applicants. We check to ensure applicants have not already received one or more Driver’s Licenses or Non-Driver Identification cards under different names. We also make certain applicants aren’t using a fraudulent or stolen Social Security number, immigration card, or birth certificate. Mailing ensures an accurate address was provided. If identity fraud or theft is suspected, we are able to suspend production of the driver license for further investigation.

You may contact us to inquire if the license/ID was returned to the DMV as undeliverable. If the license/ID has not been returned, you must complete a replacement license/ID application (VL-040). The fee for the replacement is $20.00 or $15.00 (CDL), and an additional $30.00 if the license/ID is enhanced.

There are no changes to the application requirements for a license/ID. The change occurs in the printing process.  

Central Issue (CI) is a process in which all licenses/ID's are produced and mailed directly from a secure facility. More information about CI here.

In person applicants will be given a paper temporary license/ID. Allow at least 7-10 business days for delivery of your permanent license/ID.

 The status of your license/ID can be verified by contacting us. No you will not receive a tracking number and cannot pay extra to receive one.

DMV mail is not forwarded. If you provide the DMV the new address your permanent license/ID will be sent to that address. If you applied for a license/ID longer than 20 days ago and you have not received your permanent card, please contact us.

 We offer a one time special mailing option to have your license/ID mailed to a different address from the address DMV has on file.

The license/ID is trackable up to the point it is mailed. Please contact us.

No, the Vermont DMV Branches will no longer be printing licenses/ID's.


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