Junior Driver's License

In order to apply for a Vermont Junior Driver’s License you will need proof that you are a Vermont Resident or a Visiting Citizen of a Foreign Country with an authorized duration of stay with at least 30 days remaining.

You must bring proof of Identity, date of birth, lawful status in the United States, Social Security number, Vermont residency and current residential address. More information


An individual must have maintained a ‘clean’ driving record without any Learner’s Permit recalls, suspensions or revocations for a six (6) month period prior to obtaining a Junior Driver’s License.

An individual must possess a Learner’s Permit for at least one (1) year prior to obtaining a Junior Driver’s License.

A Junior Driver’s License is issued to persons 16 or 17 years old who pass the required examination. Your parent or legal guardian must sign your application giving permission for you to be tested.

Before getting a license, all 16 and 17 year olds must have passed a state approved driver education and training course consisting of 30 hours of classroom study, 6 hours behind the wheel training and 6 hours of observation. The Vermont Department of Education, Driver Education Division, has driver education courses at high schools. There are also Vermont commercial driver training schools that offer driver training courses. A wallet-sized certificate will be issued to those who pass the course.  In addition to the hours indicated above, you must complete 40 hours of driving practice, with at least 10 hours being nighttime driving. Nighttime driving is considered driving during the period of 30 minutes after sunset, to 30 minutes before sunrise.

How to Obtain

1. A Vermont Learner’s Permit that is not expired. A person may take a road test if their Learner’s Permit has not been expired more than 3 years and has been renewed prior to the exam. If it has been expired more than 3 years a written exam would be required before the road test can be given.

2. Successful completion a driver education course, certified by the Vermont Agency of Education or the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles. Out-of-state driver’s education is only acceptable if the course was taught by a certified and/or licensed driver education instructor and includes both classroom and behind the wheel training. If the completion certificate was not issued by a state agency, the applicant must provide documentation on state letterhead from the appropriate agency indicating that a recognized driver education program issued the certificate, and must list the minimum requirements for successful completion of the program.

3. A Driving Practice Log Sheet showing you have completed an additional 40 hours of practice behind the wheel, with at least 10 hours being nighttime driving. Your parent or guardian must certify the Driving Practice Log Sheet. Note: The law requires the 40 hours of driving practice be in addition to the 6 hours of behind the wheel driving required for successful completion of driver education.

4. You need your parent's or legal guardian's permission (unless emancipated minor). A parent or legal guardian must sign the application before you can take the test. If you are a foreign exchange student, you must obtain in advance a Foreign Exchange Parental Authorization Form, to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Your host parent cannot sign this form. This form is available at Motor Vehicles offices.

5. Your social security number must be entered on the application.

6. Schedule an appointment for an exam at any location.

7. Have a vehicle that is clean and in good mechanical condition with a valid inspection sticker. Be sure the emergency/parking brake is working properly.

8. Be prepared: Check for a valid insurance card as required by Vermont Law and vehicle registration before arriving for your appointment.  Failure to show a valid insurance card and registration certificate will prevent testing. The insurance card must state the name of the insurance carrier, effective and expiration dates of coverage, name of insured, and the description of the vehicle including the vehicle identification number.

9. Your license will be issued after you pass the road test and pay the fees.

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