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Temporary Registration & Plate

When you apply online for a temporary registration you must attest to the following:
  1. The vehicle you are obtaining a temporary registration and plate for was purchased by and is owned by you.
  2. The vehicle is covered by insurance and you have proof of the insurance in the vehicle.
  3. A completed registration application (VD-119) and appropriate fees have been submitted or will be submitted within 24 hours unless having made an appointment to visit a DMV office to process the registration application (in this case please bring the application and fees with you to your appointment).
  4. The above statements and warrants will be certified under penalty of 23 V.S.A. § 202 and § 203.

Let's Get Started

After successful payment, you will need to print your temporary registration and vehicle plate. You will need to print the documents immediately after you pay, so it is crucial your printer is working and that you are using a device connected to it. Once you leave the print registration/plate screen, you will be unable to print your documents. 

Download the PDF form to your computer and then open it with Adobe Reader

Title Sort descending ID# Description
Registration Application Instructions
Instructions for registration, tax, and title form VD-119.
Registration/Tax/Title Application
To apply for registration and title (if applicable). Used for new transactions, transfers, renewals, title-only transactions, adding or deleting an owner, lease buyouts, and IRP transactions.