Prepare for the Road Test

You will not be permitted to take the driving test unless the motor vehicle you furnish is properly equipped, in good mechanical condition, and properly registered and inspected.

  • Have a vehicle that is clean and in good mechanical condition
  • Your vehicle must have a valid inspection sticker.
  • Be sure the emergency brake is working properly.
  • A valid automobile insurance identification card is required by Vermont law. The card must state the name of the insurance carrier, effective and expiration dates of coverage, name of insured, and the description of the vehicle including the vehicle identification number.
  • A valid registration certificate for the vehicle is required.

The safe operating condition of the vehicle is the responsibility of the operator.

Proper equipment in good mechanical condition includes:

  • headlights, horn, windshield wipers, rearview mirror, tail lights, tires, steering mechanism, windshield, exhaust system, brakes, fenders, bumpers
  • if manufactured or assembled after January 1, 1955, directional signals
  • safety belts and defrosters are required on 1964 and later models.

No road test will be given in a vehicle that does not have safety belts.

Emergency/parking brakes must be adequate to hold the vehicle in neutral on any grade on which it is operated, both with the vehicle headed uphill or downhill.

Illegal tinting of the front windows of your vehicle is not allowed.

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