ALERT: Overweight and Over Dimension Vehicle Permit Rule changes effective 9/21/2018

07 September 2018

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles undertook a review of DMV administrative rule #25 titled Rules and Instructions Governing Overweight and Over Dimension Vehicle Permits.  This process included a public comment period to include industry feedback, an Interagency Committee on Administrative Rules (ICAR) hearing, and the Legislative Committee on Administrative Rules (LCAR) hearings. 

Below are the highlights of the new rule changes that are effective 09/21/2018:

  • Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Restrictions: Permitted width increased from 10’6” wide to 12’0” wide; removes Friday afternoons between July 1 and Labor Day from the holiday restrictions; removes Martin Luther King Day, Veteran’s Day, and the Friday/Monday if a holiday falls on a Saturday/Sunday from the list of no movement holidays.
  • Inclement Weather: The language referencing windshield wipers in the steady on position and roads being clear of water that causes spray or mist which interferes with visibility of other vehicles has been removed; and inclement weather will only apply to vehicles/loads greater than 12’0” wide and/or 80’0” long.
  • Blanket Permits: Length was changed from 68’0” to 75’0”.  Permits will now allow up to 10’6” wide when length exceeds 75’0”, and up to 12’6” wide when length does not exceed 75’0”.
  • Reasonable Access Permits: Added a list of exits and roadways that can be utilized for up to one mile without the need for a reasonable excess permit.
  • Single Trip Permits: Trailer specific information is no longer required.  The vehicle has to comply with the required number of axles on the permit and the proper axle distance for the gross weight of the vehicle. 
  • Single Trip 90,000 lb Divisible Load Permits: This section/permit was removed in its entirety. 
  • Permit Fees: All the permit dollar amounts were removed from the rule since the most current permit fees can be found here.

For more detailed information, or to view the final rule, please visit the following link:

Please direct any questions regarding the rule to either the DMV Commercial Vehicle/Licensing Office or the Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Office.

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