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DMV Enforcement Officer Now Using Electric Motorcycle

DMV Police Motorcycle

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced that its inspector who is a trained police motorcycle officer is now using an electric motorcycle for traffic enforcement work, following a trial period.

“The LiveWire police motorcycle has been a great success, and it is a symbol of the future of the DMV fleet and police technology,” said DMV Enforcement Director Tony Facos. “The Vermont DMV has as long history of motorcycle use for enforcement work, and the LiveWire electric motorcycle has modernized how we do this work.”

The Vermont DMV is the first law enforcement agency in Vermont to use a Harley Davidson LiveWire police motorcycle. LiveWire, which is now a separate company owned by Harley-Davidson, and Wilkins Harley-Davidson in Barre worked with Director Facos to get the motorcycle properly outfitted for DMV Enforcement use. The Harley Davidson LiveWire police motorcycle is charged by using either a Level 1 AC charger or Level 3 DC fast charger. 

The DMV’s LiveWire arrived at the State House this afternoon, where it will be on display through Thursday. The chairs of the State and House Transportation Committees had expressed an interest in seeing the electric police motorcycle, which prompted the DMV to deliver it for the legislators to view.

“This is yet one more piece of evidence that we are addressing climate change needs in the State of Vermont,” said DMV Commissioner Wanda Minoli. “Instead of going with a gas model, we kept exploring the possibility of electric.”