DMV forms now available in nine languages and interpreters allowed for road tests

09 October 2020

The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) today announced that the forms and applications used for driver’s permits, licenses, and non-driver identification cards are now available in nine foreign languages, pursuant to the New Americans Act. Additionally, the legislation updates an outdated policy to allow the use of an interpreter during a driver’s license road test.

“The ability to obtain a driver’s license means more independence, liberty and opportunities,” said DMV Commissioner Wanda Minoli. “With these translated forms and the use of an interpreter, Vermonters around the state will face fewer obstacles and have better access to a license or ID card.”

Vermont’s New Americans Act 60 of 2019 and Act 149 of 2020 required all written forms and applications used in the licensing of applicants to be translated into the top primary languages spoken in Vermont. License, permit, and Non-Driver ID applications and the Vermont Residency Certification form have been translated into Arabic, Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian, Burmese, French, Kirundi, Nepali, Somali, Spanish, and Swahili.

Additionally, learner’s permits exams are now available in those languages, and translations have been added to the automated system, including audio.

“By providing expanded language access for DMV services and forms, Vermont is making the state more accessible to current and prospective members of our communities,” said Xusana Davis, the State of Vermont’s Executive Director of Racial Equity. “This is an important step in modernizing government and improving efficiency, and we look forward to increased engagement with Limited English Proficient residents.”

The DMV South Burlington office will be the first office to allow the use of an interpreter during road tests. DMV will expand that option to other offices as needed in the near future. Customers should bring their interpreter; the DMV does not provide one.

The forms are available here.

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