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  1. Important Information for all Total Abstinence Applicants

    You must have contact with your counselor within 60 days of the time you are submitting forms to request reinstatement through total abstinence. For additional information on the treatment requ...

  2. Licenses Issued by Foreign Jurisdictions

    ... CAUTION: Vermont does not recognize as valid any document purporting to be an "International Driver License" or any other document that confers driving privileges unless issued by the government agency ...

  3. Title Brands

    ... be sold and titled. 34 Memo Copy The title document is a facsimile title and not the active (original or duplicate) title document. 36 Recovered Theft The vehicle was previously titled ...

  4. Non-Driver Identification

    ... However, you may only hold one (1) Real ID compliant document at a time. Therefore if you wish to have a valid license and a valid ...

  5. Holiday Restrictions

    ... on holidays. To find out what they are please refer to the document below. [Link to Holiday Restrictions doc] ...

  6. Lease Excess Wear & Tear / Excess Mileage Tax

    ... To document additional taxes collected as a result of excess wear and tear and/or ...

  7. Types of Licenses & IDs

    ... ID Compliant License and also a convenient border crossing document for U.S. citizens returning home from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or ...

  8. Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)

    ... an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL). For up-to-date travel document requirements see U.S. Customs and Border Protection . When ...

  9. Registering Your ATV

    ... If you don't find answers to your questions in that document (or elsewhere on this website) please contact us. Also, see  ...

  10. Can a business refuse to accept my Vermont license for identification?

    ... motor vehicle. Many entities have decided that this driving document can be accepted as proof of ID. The department does not have any ...


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