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  1. Important Information for all Total Abstinence Applicants

    ... of Vermont you must also obtain Non-Resident Reinstatement (form VS-076) File:  ...

  2. Mature Drivers

    ... a safer place to drive. Medical Evaluation Report (form #VS-113) for Doctors to certify driver's fitness to drive. Warning ... You may send a written request or use our DMV Contact Form . Your request must include: Driver's name Driver's date of ...

  3. Junior Driver's License

    ... obtain in advance a Foreign Exchange Parental Authorization Form, to be signed by a parent or legal guardian.  Your host parent cannot sign this form. This form is available at Motor Vehicles offices. 5. Your social ...

  4. How do I change the name(s) on a vehicle title?

    ... registration. You must complete a registration application form (form #VD-119) providing an updated vehicle odometer reading and updated owner ...

  5. Leased Vehicles

    ... A "Purchase and Use Tax Computation - Leased Vehicle" Form (form #VD-147) may be submitted in lieu of a copy of the lease agreement and ...

  6. Schedule an Appointment

    ... skills tests are by appointment only, Please complete the form below to schedule an appointment. You wìll receive a confirmation email ... by phone as well. Please DO NOT call and submit the form below. Do one or the other. Please bring a completed application ...

  7. Phone Numbers

    ... Contact Safety & Enforcement Division via email (online form). General Enforcement Information: 802 828-2067 Abandoned ... Contact Commissioner's Office via email (online form). Wanda Minoli Phone: 802 828-2011   ...

  8. Rules for Transportation of Hazardous Materials

    ... II. Instrument: A Driver/Vehicle Examination Report form approved by the Secretary of the Agency of Transportation for the Vermont ... carrier or operator provide documentation of repair in such form as may be prescribed by the Department and an officer may also then ...

  9. Lost/Replacement Registration

    ... an application for a duplicate or corrected registration (form #VD-040) and submit it to this Department with the appropriate fee.   ... Tags:  Form | Corrected | ...

  10. Driver's License Endorsements

    ... be determined by the School Bus Driver Medical Evaluation Form submitted by applicant's own doctor and progress reports at intervals of 6 ... on the basis of a School Bus Driver Medical Evaluation Form submitted by the applicant's own doctor. Determination under letter M ...


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