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  1. Military License Plates

    ... U.S. Federal Communications Commission may obtain special (safety organization) plates. At the request of the leader of a safety organization, upon application and payment of an annual fee for each set ...

  2. Abandoned Vehicles

    ... Safety Abandoned ... Tags:  Safety ...

  3. Motorcycle Endorsement

    ... Driver License. Testing Locations Motorcycle Safety Courses Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program (VMAP) ... in obtaining a Motorcycle permit or license. Includes safety tips, rules & regulations. Previously identified as VN-007a. ...

  4. Why do school buses not require seat belts?

    ... According to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration: “Students are about 70 times more ... buses are different by design, including a different kind of safety restraint system that works extremely well. Large school buses are ...

  5. School Bus Inspection Program

    ... Inspection Station Safety Vehicle Inspection ...

  6. Employer Responsibilities

    ... Truck and Bus Association or  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration . What paperwork needs to be maintained by school ...

  7. Crash Report, Police: Snowmobile

    ... Off-Road | Safety | Snowmobile | ...

  8. How can I find a drug testing program for my company?

    ... Vermont Truck and Bus Association or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration . Tags:  ...


    ... CVO Safety ...

  10. Driver Eyesight Evaluation

    ... License | Safety | Medical ...


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