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  1. Military License Plates

    ... U.S. Federal Communications Commission may obtain special (safety organization) plates. At the request of the leader of a safety organization, upon application and payment of an annual fee for each set ...

  2. Abandoned Vehicles

    ... Safety Abandoned ... Tags:  Safety ...

  3. Motorcycle Endorsement

    ... Driver License. Testing Locations Motorcycle Safety Courses Vermont Motorcycle Awareness Program (VMAP) ... in obtaining a Motorcycle permit or license. Includes safety tips, rules & regulations. Previously identified as VN-007a. ...

  4. Why do school buses not require seat belts?

    ... According to the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration: “Students are about 70 times more ... buses are different by design, including a different kind of safety restraint system that works extremely well. Large school buses are ...

  5. Driver Eyesight Evaluation

    ... Driver's License | Safety | Medical ...

  6. Crash Report, Operator: Motor Vehicle

    ... Insurance | Safety | Crash | ...

  7. If a school bus is equipped with seat belts are the occupants required to wear them?

    ... School Bus | Safety ...

  8. Blanket Permit for Special Purpose Vehicles

    ... Permit | Safety Form ID:  ...

  9. Annual Permit To Operate A Motor Vehicle In Excess Of The Statutory Length Limit On US RT 4

    ... Oversize/Overweight | Safety Form ID:  ...

  10. Blanket Permit for Low Bed Trailers

    ... Permit | Safety Form ID:  ...


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