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  1. Prepare for the Road Test

    ... or assembled after January 1, 1955, directional signals safety belts and defrosters are required on 1964 and later models. No road test will be given in a vehicle that does not have safety belts. Emergency/parking brakes must be adequate to hold the vehicle ...

  2. 3-Wheeled Motorcycle Driver Training

    ... Utica, NY SmartRider Motorcycle Safety Program, Inc. (845) 471-5800 ... Great River, NY Motorcycle Safety School, Inc. Kingsborough Community College - Lot T7 (718) ...

  3. Rules for Transportation of Hazardous Materials

    ... Federal Highway Administration in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, Safety Inspection Procedures and Out-Of-Service Criteria, with at least annual ...

  4. CDL Skills Test

    ... and road test. The vehicle must have clean, operable safety belts - school buses are exempt. The cargo portions of all vehicles, ... test. If your vehicle fails the pre-trip inspection for safety reasons, it will be considered a test failure and you must make an ...

  5. Service Member Inspection Mechanic Exam Waiver

    ... Certified Hazardous Material Manager Associate Safety Professional Name * ... Hazardous Material Manager Associate Safety Professional Proof of Certification ...

  6. FAQs

    ... a reasonable opportunity to repair. This could be for a safety-related defect/condition, if the dealer/manufacturer presents the ... impairs any combination of the use, market value or safety of the vehicle as of the date of signing the Demand. For a "30 days ...

  7. History of Vermont License Plates

    ... the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to issue special "Safety Organization" license plates. Safety organizations are defined as groups which provide police and fire ...

  8. Vermont Codes (A-D)

    ... 3506 0 (ATV VIOLATION) Failure to hold/exhibit safety education certificate AU2 23 201 0 Registration ... DSZ 23 1059 2 Driving through safety zone DTE 23 1091 10 Driving to endanger ...

  9. Snowmobiles

    ... Snowmobile safety training Snowmobile laws Snowmobile registration Snowmobile ...

  10. Disqualification of Commercial Drivers

    ... In accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety (FMCSA) Regulation 49 CFR 383.51 , the following is an example of ...


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