What if I have a family emergency and have to board a plane in 3 hours and I don’t know when I’ll be back. Will my license/ID get forwarded to my temporary address?

We offer a special mailing option to have your license/ID mailed to a different address from the address DMV has on file. DMV mail will not be forwarded. 

I’m getting on a plane tomorrow morning will I be able to board with a temporary license/ID and return back?

Your temporary license is valid for driving purposes only. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) states they will accept the temporary driver's license document in conjunction with the expired driver's license to board an aircraft until you receive the permanent card in the mail. You should verify TSA has not updated this policy by contacting them.

Driver's License Endorsements

(a) Requirements to Obtain a School Bus Endorsement.

Before a person may be licensed to assume the duty of transporting school pupils in either a Type I or Type II school bus, he or she shall comply with applicable provisions of 23 V.S.A. §1282, and shall:

(1) Successfully pass the following tests:

a. Vision test.


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