Refers to a document issued to replace a lost, misplaced, or damaged license, ID, registration, title, etc.

License/Permit Application - Nepali

30 September 2020
भर्मन्ट इजाजतपत्र वा अनुमति पत्र (गैर- CDL) को नयाँ वा नवीकरण जारी गर्नका लागि आवेदन दिन। Bharmanṭa ijājatapatra vā anumati patra (gaira- CDL) kō nayām̐ vā navīkaraṇa jārī garnakā lāgi āvēdana dina. VL-021

Non-Driver ID Application - Nepali

30 September 2020
नयाँ, नवीकरण, प्रतिस्थापन, वा वर्धित गैर ड्राइभर पहिचान कार्डको लागि आवेदन दिन। Nayām̐, navīkaraṇa, pratisthāpana, vā vardhita gaira ḍrā'ibhara pahicāna kārḍakō lāgi āvēdana dina.

Replacement License or ID Card

Have you lost, misplaced, or damaged your license or ID card? Luckily you can order a replacement easily and securely online using VTPics.

You'll need your Vermont Driver's License or ID number, credit card number, and 2 minutes!

Order Replacement

Replacement License

04 September 2020
Used to make changes (name change, address change, etc), get a new picture, remove a restriction (eye glass) or to replace a lost or stolen license or learner permit. For CDL use form VL-031.

Replacement Commercial License or Permit

If your Commercial Driver's License or Permit has been lost, stolen, or destroyed you may apply for a replacement.  

How to Obtain a Replacement CDL

Commercial Driver's License holders must apply in person at a Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles Customer Service Office. You must complete the CDL Application (form #VL-031) and submit it together with the appropriate fee and identity documentation.

See Identity Documentation Requirements »


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