Refers to a document issued to replace a lost, misplaced, or damaged license, ID, registration, title, etc.

Replacement Title Application

22 September 2016
To apply for a replacement Vermont title when the original title has been lost, stolen, destroyed, or is illegible.

Personal Delivery of Title

22 September 2016
To request the title in person (only the Montpelier branch can print titles). All owner(s) listed on previous title must sign this request.

Lien Add

22 September 2016
To add or adjust a lien to an existing Vermont title.

Replacement Registration

Have you lost, misplaced, or damaged your registration? Luckily you can order a replacement registration (with or without sticker) easily and securely online using DMV Express.


You'll need your Vermont Driver's License number, credit card number, and 2 minutes!

Order Replacement

Replacement Registration


Ordering a replacement registration online is fast, easy, and secure. You can obtain replacement registrations for most types of vehicles including car, truck, trailer, motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, and more. Upon completion, you will receive a temporary registration that is valid for 10 days. A permanent registration and sticker will be mailed to you.

You are eligible to order a replacement registration online if your existing registration is valid and not expiring within 60 days.

Replacement License, Permit, or ID

If your Driver's License, Learner's Permit, or Non-Driver ID has been lost, stolen, or destroyed you may apply for a replacement either in person or through the mail.  Requesting a replacement by mail will result in the issuance of a Non-Real ID compliant card, UNLESS you visited an office after 01/01/2014 and became Real ID compliant.  When requesting a replacement by mail it will take 10-15 business days for the replacement to arrive. 


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