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National Teen Driver Safety Week

The Vermont Governor's Highway Safety Program, in conjunction with the National Highway Safety Administration, cordially reminds Vermonters that National Teen Driver Safety Week is October 19-25, 2014.  National Teen Driver Safety Week was enacted by Congress in 2007 to raise awareness in teens and parents about one of the most dangerous things they will do; drive a vehicle.  Crashes are the United State's leading killer of youths 16 - 19 years old.

Parents: As a parent you should be the driver you want your teen to be.  Buckle your seat belt and respect the act of driving.  Know that a teenagers first car is more than a financial decision.  Teens are more likely to sit behind the wheel of a used vehicle, and also more likely to take risks.  Bigger vehicles offer more protection but avoid higher horsepower.  More powerful engines mean more powerful risks.

Teens: Drive AND ride like a friend.  Buckle up and respect the privilege of driving.  Agree with your parents on limits of when you drive, particularly in high risk situations like prom night, social outings and inclement weather. Form a plan and have clear understandings of where you are driving, who you are with, what route you are taking and confirm check in times with your parents.  Establish back-up plans.  If you make a mistake or you end up in an unplanned situation, make sure you have a responsible adult you can call.

  1. Parent Supervised Driving Guide from Vermont DMV
  2. NHTSA's Safe Car: No Cell Phones, No Passengers, No Speeding, No Alcohol, Always Buckle Up
  3. Vermont State Police Teen Driver Agreement
  4. Teen to Teen Driver Campaign

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