Ignition Interlock Device

Ignition Interlock Program Rules

1. Definitions.

For the purposes of these rules, the following definitions apply:

(a) “Alcohol set point” means the minimum alcohol concentration at which an ignition interlock device is set to lock a motor vehicle’s ignition. That level shall be 0.02 BAC.

(b) “Certified laboratory” means a laboratory which subscribes to the quality code of the International Standards Organization of the American National Standards Institute.

(c) “Commissioner” means the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles.

What if I will temporarily be out-of-state; how will I meet the requirements of my RDL?

Vermont requirements still need to be maintained.  Contact the manufacturer of your IID to locate an authorized interlock installer in the jurisdiction you will be in, who will provide you with the required services.  It is your responsibility to work with your interlock manufacturer and authorized installer to provide us with all required reporting until you return to Vermont.

What happens if I have repair work or a Vermont State Inspection done on my IID equipped vehicle?

We strongly suggest that you notify your installer before performing vehicle maintenance, service or repairs that would involve starting or driving your vehicle or disconnecting the battery.  Your auto repair technician can contact your installer for specific instructions on how to avoid recording erroneous violations.

What happens if I fail the breath test when I try to start my car?

The vehicle will not start and the IID will enter a short lockout period of a few minutes.  This lockout period allows an opportunity for the alcohol to dissipate from the mouth and for you to consider the reason for the failed breath alcohol test, for example; is the failure a result of the use of mouthwash, cough syrup, etc., or as a result of consuming too much alcohol.  The IID will record the failure, which will be noted in the data report.  If you make 3 attempts to start a vehicle with a BAC of .04 or above, your IID requirements will be extended for a period of 3 months.  

What if I forget to bring my car to the installer for servicing?

The device will give you a reminder 7 days prior to a scheduled service date, followed by a warning to obtain service within 5 days.  If you fail to bring your vehicle to the installer for service within those 5 days, the IID will place your vehicle in a permanent lockout state; the vehicle would have to be towed to the installer for service before you can operate it again.  Failure to bring your car in for service will result in an extension of your RDL requirements.  

In extreme weather, can I go start my car and let it run with the heater or air conditioner on, until the car warms up or cools down?

No.  The IID will randomly ask for breath tests (“random retests”) while the vehicle is running.  If you fail to do the retest within 10 minutes, the horn will sound repeatedly and the headlights will flash until the vehicle is turned off.  The IID will log this as failure to provide a “random retest” which may lead to a permanent lockout state.


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